Don’t wait until freezing cold temperatures hit – prepare your farmhouse now to get ready for the impending cold weather!

Preparing for a new season can seem like a daunting task, but take advantage of the chill in the air to get outside and get ready for the real cold weather. It feels like in Pennsylvania, we’re wearing shorts one day and winter coats the next, so don’t wait and get started today! We’ve compiled a list of simple tasks to take on right now to get a jump start!

-Check for drafts. Those spots in an old farmhouse where the air leaks in can be easily remedied with caulk, weatherstripping or even some heavy curtains in the colder months.

-Get your furnace cleaned and inspected. Check out your chimney and make sure you’re stocked up on firewood, too.

Consider a smart thermostat. Coldwell Banker is the leading real estate company in smart home technology. Not only does having smart home tech in your house increase the value, but it’s a huge saver when it comes to energy bills!

-Do a roof check. Walk around and visually inspect for any loose or missing shingles. Clear out the gutters of leaves and twigs.

-Turn off outdoor water sources. Frozen pipes are a real nightmare. While you’re at it, make sure to have a source of drinking water that won’t freeze for any pets or livestock that live outdoors.

-Do some garden maintenance. Trim your shrubbery and have any dead or dying tree branches removed. While you’re out there, plant some bulbs for the spring! You’ll thank yourself later.

-Service winter power tools. Make sure your snowblower is ready and the generator are ready for the icy cold. Get that gasoline ready!

But best of all.. get your blankets and slippers ready because snuggle season has officially begun!


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